“Happy Thanksgiving!”

As the final push for opportunities is upon us, we pause for a day of Thanksgiving. It is proper for us to take the time and reflect, share, and appreciate all we are truly thankful for.

This year I added my grandson Cameron to the family, and my son in law Michael returned safely from his deployment. Business is going really well for my clients, and I am about to launch a new program with Terri Murphy at Triple Play in Atlantic City December 5th. It has truly been a very productive year! Yes, I also turn 60 on Sunday, so there is that.

What I really want to share with all of you is that we need to reflect and be sure we are doing all we can to be the best we can be. Why wouldn’t we? Why not be better, faster, and more efficient? Why not get more done in less time? Why not be a greater value to all of those we connect with? Why not be the best?

Of all the professional things I am most thankful for was that my clients really excelled at mastering the loan process up front, and reduced the number of days from contract to clear to close. Now much of this was largely due to becoming more compliant and to deal with TRID; but the very work needed to get that done, now has an added benefit; closing loans faster now saves clients’ MONEY!

Think about it for a minute. Closing loans in thirty days or less means you can now lock a loan for thirty days or less. Your competition may require a forty-five or sixty day lock to get the job done. Take a quick look at your rate sheet. What is the dollar cost difference in a thirty to forty-five or sixty day loan lock? Do the math! It adds up to a great deal of money!

So I am very thankful! You should be very thankful! Your referral partners and your clients should be very thankful! You did the work, you mastered the process, you have made the process more efficient, and now all of that makes the process smoother, take less time, and now saves the client MONEY!

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Published by

Mike White

Improve My Tomorrow Coaching is a company founded by Michael F. White to help mortgage professionals reach their true potential. Based on a belief that working the fundamental principles of the loan origination business combined with a solid system to leverage your day to day business into a self sustaining career! If you are looking to generate consistency in your business, you need to know and implement the fundamentals. Once you know what to do and when to do it, being a mortgage professional is fun, challenging, and profitable. Since the average loan originator in the country closes less than three loans a month, the average originator is unaware that closing seven, ten, twelve or more loans per month is often easier and less stressful than just two or three! If you are tired of the pain and punishment of not knowing where your next deal is coming from; if you spend more time being “busy” instead of “productive”; you need to look and see how we can help you get to a whole new level of business. Take some time to explore this website and read all the free information. If you find some things that cause you to rethink how you are currently doing your business, let us help you! It starts with YOU! There are two programs you can choose, a group program and private coaching. Please look at both before you make your choice.

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