Simple Strategies for Today!

So many complicated discussions in our industry about the markets, their effect on home buyers and the Realtor® relationship and how to find, cultivate, and secure great relationships with the better producers. Sometimes people are acting as if these ideas are somehow “new” to the industry. For years I have pushed using simple strategies to generate opportunities for both you and your referral partners, now is a time to revisit a couple of those simple strategies that will help you generate transactions, and provide opportunities for your Realtor® referral partners.

“The Forever Home Strategy®” is a very simple strategy that works in every market to generate listings, purchases, and refinance opportunities. Like all of my other simple strategies, it requires a little planning and a little bit of work. The best part is, you can go to the exact places you want to do business in and focus on the homes that work best for you and your agents.

Key factors are:

  • Selecting the neighborhoods that work best for you.
  • Work with your agents in advance to understand that price point.
  • Know the difference in value over the last five or so years.
  • Target current homes for sale in trade-up and trade-down communities.
  • Use the combination of Personal, physical, and electronic marketing to communicate your message.
  • A minimum of two hours once a week for 4 to 6 weeks of committed time for you and your agent.
  • If people want to move, list their house and find them the next one. If they are staying put, refinance them if they benefit from a change in term, rate, or to remove a HELOC.

“First Time Home Seller Strategy®” is along the same path as the Forever Home Strategy®, but in this case we focus on the typical first time home buyer homes and neighborhoods. We work with our Realtor® referral partners to comb specific properties, communities, and our past closed clients to find our targets. We can even search our company or branch records for those houses sold that fit the criteria that were sold and financed by others to be part of our group.

Key factors are:

  • Identifying specific targets so you have a minimum of 60 – 100 targets.
  • Follow the same criteria as above to identify past cost, current value, and the VALUE of an additional bedroom or bathroom for the difference in the monthly payment.
  • Buying now before the price and cost of the transaction goes higher!
  • Capturing a rising market from a higher value home.

Both of these ideas are gone through in detail on the website as part of a “Lunch & Learn” segment, a “Power Partnerships” segment, or a play from “The Coaches Playbook”. Having “ACCESS” to the tools is simple and a very minor investment in your business!

Using the tools in the website is something you can do today, that helps improve your tomorrow!

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Mike White

Improve My Tomorrow Coaching is a company founded by Michael F. White to help mortgage professionals reach their true potential. Based on a belief that working the fundamental principles of the loan origination business combined with a solid system to leverage your day to day business into a self sustaining career! If you are looking to generate consistency in your business, you need to know and implement the fundamentals. Once you know what to do and when to do it, being a mortgage professional is fun, challenging, and profitable. Since the average loan originator in the country closes less than three loans a month, the average originator is unaware that closing seven, ten, twelve or more loans per month is often easier and less stressful than just two or three! If you are tired of the pain and punishment of not knowing where your next deal is coming from; if you spend more time being “busy” instead of “productive”; you need to look and see how we can help you get to a whole new level of business. Take some time to explore this website and read all the free information. If you find some things that cause you to rethink how you are currently doing your business, let us help you! It starts with YOU! There are two programs you can choose, a group program and private coaching. Please look at both before you make your choice.

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