“There are THREE sides to a coin!”

Most of the time, people think of a coin as two sided. The story of flipping a coin and calling “Heads” or “Tails” to decide something goes back thousands of years. When it comes to making a one in two choice, a coin flip can certainly do the trick; but as any coin collector will tell you, there is a third side to every coin, and that is the edge! Look at your change. You can see different edge types on different coins. Some are smooth. Others have ridges. A smaller group of coins actually has images or engraving on the edge. That third side sometimes makes all the difference! And while flipping a coin generally ends up either heads or tails, it is possible for that coin to land on its edge!

I bring this up because I want you to think of all the possibilities, not just the obvious possibilities. In the mortgage and real estate industry we see situations that are as clear and as obvious as heads and tails; and for the most part, it is really the outcome. However, things are not always as they appear and that is where your deals can quickly go sideways in a big hurry! We always need to account for the edge! We always need to know what about our situation could happen, even if it isn’t likely to happen.

As a professional, you do these transactions every day. Your clients are involved a few times in a lifetime. Market conditions change; and as a professional you are aware of these changes and allow for them and educate those around you of them. But seem people aren’t aware of changes or are not working with people who have prepared them for all the possibilities. That is where you create your advantage. The very differentiation we should all be looking for; your competitive edge!

While most of the market works on the obvious, the real professionals account for, and master the edge! Some examples of the edge thinking:

  • Having your agents refer you all of their listings so you can save them up to 2% on their next purchase.
  • Having your agents refer you to potential listing opportunities so you as a lender can offer services, support, and an endorsement of that agent.
  • Originators working with their agents on The Forever Home Strategy® or the First Time Seller Strategy® to help generate listing and buy side opportunities.
  • Contacting every professional associated with the transaction to verify information and establish a new relationship after a successful closing.

These are just a few of the concepts I like to think of when we look at what the most professional people can, and are doing to explore every possible opportunity and outcome on each transaction!

While most of the country is struggling with a tight inventory market; some are out there setting records and serving their markets because they don’t just live with heads and tails; they live, work, and own the edge!

These concepts and more are all in the new Power Partnerships Program® that Terri Murphy and I have created to help loan originators and their Realtor® referral partners work together to generate and secure more opportunities. Take a look at www.RLPPNOW.com to see how we might be able to help you!

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Introducing Power Partnerships®!

The CFPB has made it very clear that it will be taking action against Realtors® and lenders that violate RESPA. While many on the lending side of the issue have been aware of the CFPB focus, the real estate market has been shaken by the fact that companies and individuals who violate the law are likely targets of interest by the CFPB.

The Realtor®/Lender relationship is one of the most fundamental pieces of purchase transactions. Many lenders have worked almost exclusively with Realtors® to generate their mortgage opportunities. Given how powerful and productive those relationships can be, some have gone beyond the rules governing those relationships, and those people are now coming into sharp focus of the CFPB. The CFPB has shown that it isn’t just worried about those who are giving the money against the rules, but those accepting the money are also open to investigation and penalties! Clearly those people involved really need to look at their business and be sure they are compliant!

There is so much that can be done within the scope of the rules that can generate opportunities and create value, that it is hard for me to see why anyone would risk their livelihood by not engaging in the strategies that are compliant? You can’t just buy your way into a relationship any longer! You have to establish and maintain relationships based on mutual benefit, mutual action and activities, and the willingness to work with those who see the value to the consumer by providing an exceptional experience! Besides, why does everyone need to be in everyone else’s pockets; why not just make and keep your own money?

Terri Murphy and I have created Power Partnerships® based on our years of experience working with the best Realtors® and loan originators in the country. We have spent a great deal of time refining the tools and the strategies that help provide significant listing and buyer interest. After all, purchase business requires someone to sell, and another willing to buy. Putting them together and providing a hassle free transaction is what the consumer wants, and what we should demand of ourselves.

Power Partnerships® is the only online training academy available produced by coaches, each with over 30 years of experience, who work in the arena every day. More importantly, the systems and strategies we bring to you are the very systems and strategies our own clients use on a daily basis! This system also provides the user with access to either coach by email if they have a specific challenge or question.

If you want more from your current relationships, if you are looking to identify and attract the best people in your market; if you want a compliant system that shares the actual step by step actions, activities, and schedules you will need to succeed, you need to take a look at Power Partnerships® and see if $59 a month can change your life? Realtors® and lenders are a natural combination. Here is the platform where both can come together and work toward finding new opportunities and converting those opportunities into closings!

So go to www.RLPPNOW.com and take a look around. See if what we are doing here is of interest to you and your team. We can offer discounts for multiple subscribers, and you may qualify to have Terri and I come to your town and present the program to your team and your referral partners!

The time has come to take the Realtor®/Lender relationship to the next level. See how we can help you make that move!

Questions or comments: Mike@IMTcoaching.com or visit us online at http://imtcoaching.com